Evan Junker, CEO

Evan founded Cloud10 Strategies with the conviction that the strategies and competencies developed to make his larger clients successful could supercharge small- and mid-size businesses and allow business owners and leaders to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Before establishing Cloud10 Strategies, Evan advised multiple Fortune 200 companies in retail, technology, healthcare, energy, service, and manufacturing sectors. In addition to his experience in business consulting, Evan managed and consulted for numerous non-profit and political operations.

This combination of experience, with more than 25 years in strategic planning, marketing, and team management, allows Evan to bring unique insights and perspective to the benefit of our clients. Based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Evan travels the U.S., Canada, and Europe to serve our clients.

Amber Klein, New Technology Director

Amber serves clients in our technology and innovation space. A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Amber previously worked as Marketing Director for a Fortune 500 company and oversaw market entry for new technology. With experience in both England and the United States, Amber’s unique skills help her serve our clients in developing both direct marketing as well as collaborative distribution strategies.

Brian Sullivan, Product Launch Specialist

Brian helps our clients develop effective strategies for launching new products and services. From initial research and product testing to market segmentation and strategy development, Brian has helped clients effectively manage product revisions, refine target markets, develop effective marketing strategies, and arrange distribution channels for clients in North America and Europe.

Stephanie Rickards, Digital Marketing Specialist

Stephanie brings clients effective digital marketing solutions. From branding support to reporting, Stephanie develops campaigns that engage clients at every stage of the process. Having worked as a digital media buyer for a top technology company in Silicon Valley, Stephanie knows how to create and manage dynamic campaigns that shepherd buyers through the process. Whether the end goal is developing leads for business services or selling consumer products, Stephanie delivers results.

Where to Find Cloud10

Webinar: Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

This webinar series will tackle the basics of digital marketing for the small business owner.

Webinar: Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

This webinar series will tackle the basics of digital marketing for the small business owner.

Atlanta Business Owners Roundtable (ONLINE ONLY)

Our regular meetings will continue, but they will be online using zoom.

What our clients tell us

Meredith, Evan, and the team from Cloud10 Strategies got us back on track. Their help in crafting a strategy to find, target, and reach our market is the key reason we are still in business. Insightful, caring, responsive, and effective. Thank you!

- Rebecca Sloan, Owner, The Right Stuff

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