The typical approach to management consulting has failed today’s business leaders.
There is a better way.

For decades business owners have sought help to solve the challenges of a constantly changing competitive environment.

And for just as long consulting businesses have parachuted in, assessed the situation, and delivered a beautiful PowerPoint presentation, a 100 page report (most of which merely describes the problem), and a massive bill for a one-time set of recommendations.

We believe that model has failed business leaders. We are different:

  • Holistic Approach. We take a look at the presenting issue being brought to us. But we don’t stop there. We look at the systems within the organization and identify operational and systems issues that either contribute to the issue or are likely to keep a potential change from taking hold.
  • Honest Appraisal. We don’t do boilerplate. Unlike the big firms, we tailor our assessments to each client. Our recommendations are not centered on preconceived notions or self-serving motivations. Our business is built primarily on referrals, not getting new clients on the hook for unnecessary services.
  • Leader Empowerment. We don’t just give you a to-do list. We don’t come in and do it for you. We train leaders to solve their problems. Our clients are heroic. We help them live into their full potential by helping them learn the skills and develop the insights necessary to solve the problems facing them now – and in the future.
  • Culture and Operational Change. We help clients solve both the problems they are facing. We also help them not just identify, but solve the underlying weaknesses in their organization. Whether tackling employee engagement, misaligned market segments, governance and oversight issues or something else, we work to empower leaders to maximize their impact and prevent future issues.

We agree in the need for expert knowledge and support. Evan and his team bring experience, knowledge and a powerful network to bear on the challenges facing our clients. All of our consultants carry certifications from the Association for Strategic Planning or Society for Human Resource Management, have at least ten years of industry experience in their field of specialty, and participate in rigorous continuing education requirements. Our team-based approach allows for our clients to benefit from a range of expertise among our team as well as our extensive network of professional service professionals.

What sets us apart is our results. We understand its more than a solution set in a pretty PowerPoint or a recommendation of some next steps. We help business leaders lead – we help them develop a detailed plan to implement not just the plan, but the changes necessary to make the plan successful. We do not keep clients coming back for the same problem. After working with us, our clients can lead their organizations through the barriers they had been facing and know they have the skills and knowledge to go farther.

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Webinar: Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

This webinar series will tackle the basics of digital marketing for the small business owner.

Webinar: Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

This webinar series will tackle the basics of digital marketing for the small business owner.

Atlanta Business Owners Roundtable (ONLINE ONLY)

Our regular meetings will continue, but they will be online using zoom.

What our clients tell us

Meredith, Evan, and the team from Cloud10 Strategies got us back on track. Their help in crafting a strategy to find, target, and reach our market is the key reason we are still in business. Insightful, caring, responsive, and effective. Thank you!

- Rebecca Sloan, Owner, The Right Stuff

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